Third Age Financial Planning

Third Age Financial Planning

In our experience there are really three ages of life that people go through:

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The First Age

This is where we learn about life and enjoy our first experiences of it. We learn from our families, our environment and our schools. Here we would offer education and help with understanding of the financial world which can be quite daunting.

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The Second Age

When we feel ready, we step out on our own. We start a career, build our own home, start a relationship and build a family. We then start to educate the next generation ourselves. In this age we would offer the services listed above, but in addition we would look to offer a simplifies advice price service that is very cost effective and helps to encourage the savings mentality.

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The Third Age

There comes a time when our children decide to step out on their own and we are left saying “what do we do now?”.

This is where we can really add value to you because we help you to focus on the future and encourage you to dream – what is it you really want to do? What is it that you thought was only a dream but would never be able to do? We can help you with the whole process and help you to build a “Business Plan for Life”.

Businesses do this all the time so why not do it for your own life? We can help you achieve your goals from a financial standpoint by helping you to put together the route map for it.

How to create a Business Plan for Life

Where do you start? The next time your mind starts to wander, sit down with a blank sheet of paper and your favourite tipple – a cup of tea or coffee, glass of water or, more preferable, a glass of a decent Malbec – and allow your mind to explore your dream.

As the ideas start to flow write them down, no matter how extreme they may seem. This exercise can be done alone, with a partner or trusted friend. If with a partner, it’s okay to have different dreams, but also look out for shared ideas as these will inspire you as well.

This is the first step to creating a Business Plan for Life. Next, enlist the help of an Independent Financial Planner, such as me, to turn your ideas into a financial plan, which will provide you with the Financial Wellbeing to support a happy and fulfilled life.

Let's realise the dream together

Making your dream real with Third Age Financial Planning