As you move from one stage of your life to the next, you’re situation changes as does your financial needs. Our services reflect those lifetime milestone and help you plan for you and your loved ones’ futures.

Third Age Financial Planning is our flagship service, which helps you build a plan to realise your dreams and ambitions – building a “Business Plan for Life”.

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Financial Healthcheck provides a picture of where you are now from a financial standpoint and offers suggestions about how you can plan for the future.

Pension Consolidation – Over the years you may have accumulated various pension plans, which may no longer be fit for purpose. Having reviewed your pensions and  if we feel it’s appropriate, we can recommend a solution to bring them together to ease future administration and make them easier to manage.

Individual, family and business protection – Do you know if you are adequately protected against what life may throw at you? Have circumstances changed since you last reviewed? We can assess your current protection and make recommendations where there are gaps.

Retirement Planning – Whilst we are challenging the whole concept of retirement, we do offer a service that focusses solely upon pre and post retirement planning.

Estate Planning – Do you hate the fact that when you die the Government taxes your estate again even though you may have paid tax during your lifestyle? There are several solutions that can help, and our Estate Planning service offers a bespoke plan tailored to your individual circumstances.

Nursing Home and Care Fees Planning – It is an emotional and stressful time when a loved one can no longer remain at home. From personal experience we know exactly the path you are treading. We can help you understand your options and the process to go through, together with the financial planning choices available.

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